Measuring our impact

Introducing Sported’s Capacity Model – measuring the impact of our support

At Sported we build the capacity and sustainability of Sport for Development groups, but when we talk about ‘building capacity’, what do we mean?


To measure our own impact and help our members evaluate the areas in which they need additional support, we developed the Sported Capacity Model, also known as The Frisbee.


Through in-depth member interviews, research and sector consultation, we identified the key elements a community club or group needs in place to ensure sustainability.

Our Capacity Model – THE FRISBEE


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The Capacity Model helps us to determine where members most need support and where we’re having the most impact. It is invaluable for our members and volunteers when planning future developments to their clubs and groups.


The model also gives us insight into the overall sustainability of community sports groups across  the UK, enabling us to identify key developmental needs and demonstrate the need for capacity development.


How we measure our impact

In conjunction with the model, we have developed our ‘Game Plan’ and ‘Time Out’ capacity assessment surveys, which are completed by members before and after long-term Sported mentor support or projects.


From the surveys, a capacity score is calculated for each element of the Frisbee, which is an invaluable tool for our members and volunteers to identify key areas for development and plan for the future. Comparisons of the two surveys give ‘Distance Travelled’ results, clearly demonstrating where Sported’s support is having the most impact.


Wider outcomes

By aggregating Game Plan and Time Out results, Sported can clearly identify the areas which are important to small organisations, have an idea of the overall sustainability of community sports groups in the UK, and show a clear link between our work and the development of these groups. This enables us to put forward the case for targeted capacity support for clubs and groups in the Sport for Development sector.