Our work in England is locally delivered by our team of expert Regional Managers.


We take great pride in the personal relationships we are able to foster with our members and mentors. Local representation ensures that we are able to understand their needs and build the region-specific networks to support their work.

One of the great strengths of our network in England is the sheer scale and diversity of our members and the communities in which they serve. From the mainstream – football, boxing and basketball – to the alternative – parkour, kiting or skateboarding. What all our members have in common is the innate ability to excite and engage young people in physical activity, no matter what their sex, age, disability or ethnicity. What’s more they do all this in the heart of their local communities.

Sported is proud to partner with Sport England, Comic Relief, The Supporters Club and Deutsche Bank in changing disadvantaged young lives through sport.

Head of Nations & Regions

Paul Napthine

T: 07900 925808

E: p.napthine@sported.org.uk

2,560 members

£2,622,583 Sported grants awarded

379,227 young people reached by Sported members

“People's faces light up”

Archery is for all: Sported member John Wilson tells us the benefits for young people with disabilities.