Our members deliver Sport for Development in some of Wales’ most disadvantaged communities.

We believe the people best placed to facilitate change and break down barriers to participation are those that operate at a local level, who are connected with their communities and understand the root causes of social problems. That’s why we focus on the people that make the difference - the club leaders and volunteers who run the country’s community sport clubs.

We help these local heroes and heroines to create thriving clubs by giving them the skills and resources to grow and become more sustainable. In supporting sport clubs in some of Wales’ most disadvantaged communities, we aim to give young people of all economic backgrounds the chance to take part in sports and fulfil their potential in life.

Wales Country Manager

Richard Thomas

T: 07775 602164


179 members


£133,000 Sported grants awarded


68,000 young people reached by Sported members


The Frontline, Newport

Local hero and Sported member Roger started St Joseph's Boxing Club in a run-down corner of Newport, South Wales. Now he works with more than 100 young people, bringing them off the street and into the gym.