The tool

Sportworks is a pioneering shared impact measurement tool specifically designed for Sport for Development organisations who deliver projects, fund programmes and make policy decisions.

What makes the tool so special is its ability to quantify, in monetary terms, the impact and associated cost savings of Sport for Development activities. So whether you are a small community sports group or a large funder, you can effectively measure your impact and provide stakeholders with the vital business case for investment.

In order to make UK policy makers and funders understand, believe, and be prepared to invest in the power of sport, we need to collectively generate evidence of impact and financial savings of Sport for Development work across a range of social policy areas.

Sportworks attempts to achieve this by representing the first ever attempt to assess the impact and value of the sector as a whole.

What does Sportworks measure?

    • Youth offending and anti-social behaviour
    • Physical fitness and obesity
    • Psychological health and wellbeing
    • Misuse of drugs and alcohol
    • Educational performance
    • Attendance and behaviour at school
    • Young people not in education, employment and training

Why use Sportworks?

Community groups delivering Sport for Development

• Reliably measure the impact of your programmes

• Predict and measure the cost saving to society of your work

• Compare the success of your projects against different social policy outcomes

• Become more efficient and effective in delivery

• Demonstrate excellence and make the case for further funding

Organisations funding Sport for Development

• Identify delivery chains best suited to deliver chosen outcomes

• Monitor and compare multiple projects and benchmark performance

• Assess the impact of grant-giving activity and identify the most effective practices

• Demonstrate the cost savings associated with investments, helping to make a compelling case for protecting or reinstating budgets

• Helps manage payment-by-results contracts

How does Sportworks work?

From the information provided about the young people involved and the intervention being delivered, Sportworks calculates the impact that work is having in reducing the risk of those young people experiencing negative outcomes, and the associated cost saving to society of doing so.

Sportworks generates a ‘Risk score’ based on the demographic profile and postcode of participants, to quantify the 'risk' of participants experiencing a negative outcome. Similarly, it generates a ‘Protection score’ based on the 'protection' the project will provide based on the intervention, the effects (e.g. intermediate outcomes, qualifications, engagement levels) and the outcomes for young people. Both the ‘risk score’ and ‘protection score’ help to generate an impact score across all 7 social policy areas.

Sportworks then uses a cost calculation model to use determine the financial cost of these social problems and therefore the savings to society associated with the impact.

The tool generates projected scores based on the risk and protection profiles. To produce measured scores outcome information will need to be collected after 6 months of delivery from young people and project workers involved in the programme.

“We know we are having a positive impact, but Sportworks provides a really good way of evidencing it”

Tim Holtam, Brighton City Table Tennis Club

Interested in finding out more?

Contact the Sportworks team on or 020 7389 1919

If you are a member of Sported, you can find out how to set up a Sportworks account in the Impact section of the Your Sported Network area.