Fundraise for Sported

Your donation helps support young people in our communities around the UK

Your support can have a significant impact on young people in your local community and every pound you raise goes to where it’s needed most.


There are lots of ways to get involved – have a look at the ideas below and get in touch if we can help support your efforts.



  • Swim, cycle or run for Sported and ask friends and family to sponsor either the activity itself, your training or even your playlist! (Don’t take your iPod in the pool though.)


  • Set yourself a new challenge and ask friends and family to sponsor you. It could be walking to the station for a month or giving up chocolate or coffee.


  • Challenge your friends or colleagues to a virtual cycle race in the gym


  • Use a pedometer to track your steps for a week or a month and ask your family to sponsor you when you reach your target


  • Find out if you can do a sponsored run for Sported around your school sports field


  • Be creative – have a think about what works for you. Aim for something challenging, but fun.



Don’t forget to let us know what you’re planning so we can support you.

Why support Sported?

We believe that sport has a unique ability to engage and inspire young people


We're delighted to work with a variety of organisations that are committed to our vision.