Building capacity

Introducing Sported’s Capacity Model.

Despite their importance and impact, the majority of community groups are still under-funded and under-resourced.  We are working to build the capacity of these groups, helping them to become more effective and sustainable.


On average, members receiving long-term capacity-building support* from Sported increase their organisational capacity by 7%. (n=83)


The figures below show the average capacity growth for each element of Sported’s Capacity Model, also known as ‘The Frisbee.’  Read more about The Frisbee here.



Using our ‘Game Plan’ survey (completed pre-support), we are able to benchmark our members’ capacity and assess their organisational needs.  Typically our members are strong at connecting with the young people in their community and having the right roles represented within their organisation, but they struggle with their finances and demonstrating their impact.



When our members complete Game Plan, we also ask them to identify the area they most need support.  50% of our members want support with strengthening their Mission and Structure.




*this includes volunteer mentor placements and targeted projects.