Changing Lives Through Sport

Funded by The Allchurches Trust, this project was delivered through four selected Sported member organisations in the North East and North West receiving intensive one-to-one mentoring with the group leader and other key personnel as appropriate.


• Increased sustainability of organisations / projects

• Improved governance and development of trustees, along with skills development of staff / volunteers

• Engagement with wider range of young people and communities

• £35,378 additional funding raised as a result of the grant received and activities being delivered

• 192 young people involved in the grant funded projects


All In Youth:

"Our project attracts a lot of young women from Muslim backgrounds. One young woman in particular has been wanting to get involved in fitness but was not permitted by her family on the grounds that a lot of sports facilities/ groups are mixed sex and she wanted to be able to keep her hijab on which made her feel self-conscious about going to a gym, for example. Her family allowed her to attend our project, due to it being female only and the fact that we celebrate diversity and lead by example showing all our members that everyone is welcome and everyone can be themselves, which meant she could wear her hijab to train and she was not the only one.

She loves to dance but has never been able to access dance training until now, and the difference in her life has been profound. After 3 months attending our project she gained confidence to apply for a job and explained to her family why they should support her in that, which they did. She also had the confidence to tell her new employers that she would like to wear her hijab at work and she used the fact that she wears it to dance as an example that it wouldn't be a hindrance. She has also become one of our main advocates on the dance project. Attending events with us and public speaking about her experiences in the project. She has received a lot of praise for this, developed her public speaking skills and self-confidence by putting herself as a Muslim woman in the public eye with pride and self-worth. She feels part of something and knows she is making a difference as a role model to other young women especially Muslim young women. Being part of multi-culti has made her feel more a part of Teesside and has helped her to deal with “Islamaphobia” more effectively as she does not internalise it anymore on account of being able to celebrate her culture with others through dance."