KNI Foundation

Leaving a lasting legacy through Sport for Development

The KNI Foundation was set up in 2010 following the death of keen sports enthusiast Kenneth Nicholas Ibrahim. Kenny’s brother Dean decided to launch the foundation in his memory with the aim of reducing social exclusion and isolation through unique programmes in sport and performing arts.

Working mainly in East London and based in Waltham Forest, the KNI Foundation is dedicated to building stronger communities by improving local health, social and economic issues that people in these communities may face.

Dean Ibrahim, CEO and Founder of The KNI Foundation:

Thanks to Sported we’ve now got a business plan in place which we didn’t have before, and that’s really going to help the organisation develop over the next two to three years. It cleared up what we are doing from an organisational point of view with regards to exactly what our charitable activities are, what we needed to look at to get funding and how we can run the commercial part of the organisation. It is also now much clearer to potential funders and stakeholders that we have a sustainable business plan in place and have clear objectives for the future, so it’s helped massively.


When the KNI Foundation first joined Sported the organisation already had an excellent relationship with the local authority and was working in partnership with a number of other organisations in the local area. However, where they required support was developing a long-term business plan and strategy for the charity and formalising their ideas and plans into a solid structure.

Like many small local grassroots organisations, the KNI Foundation doesn’t have a huge marketing budget, so its ability to attract funding relies upon building brand awareness and gaining local corporate support, the latter of which often requires evidence of clear objectives and a sustainable business plan to achieve those goals, something the Foundation didn’t have.

Sported matched the KNI Foundation with a Sported mentor, David Lane, who started working with the group in January 2014. From the outset, David worked closely with Dean to identify what the organisation’s main priorities were and to clarify how he was going to achieve these. With this in place, together they set about formalising these in a written business plan with clear objectives and milestones. The resulting business plan is already being utilised in conversations with prospective corporate partners and will be an integral part of future funding applications.

Following this successful mentoring period, Sported subsequently awarded the KNI Foundation a grant of £9,000 to fund their new ‘E-Flow’ programme. This programme uses the urban sport of Parkour or Free Running to give young people, aged 13-19 years a creative new way to express themselves, build strength, flexibility and co-ordination, take risks, overcome fears and learn new skills. This activity is supported by a range of group and one-to-one mentoring sessions, ensuring participants are equipped with the relevant life skills, including work and employability skills, and the ability to cope with personal pressures.