What we do

Helping community groups survive, to help young people thrive.

The vast majority of community sport and youth groups are under-funded and under-resourced, surviving on shoestring budgets and the tireless efforts of only a handful of dedicated local staff and volunteers.


At Sported we give community groups the support they need to  ensure their long-term  sustainability and build their capacity to help even more young people in their local area. We do this by delivering:

Volunteer business mentoring

We train and match skilled adult volunteers to help community groups develop the necessary business infrastructure and plans for their long-term survival and success.  Our volunteers come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and provide free business mentoring to our members in key operational areas such as business planning,  marketing, financial planning, fundraising, governance and impact measurement.


In providing support to our members, for as long as up to six months, our volunteers help build the confidence, skills and business knowledge of the groups’ leaders, volunteers and staff to leave them better equipped for the future.

Programmes & projects

Our programmes and projects provide our members with tailored  support to help them become more inclusive and tackle major societal problems such as educational inequality and youth violence.


Sported’s programmes bring together the expert insight of partner organisations such as Women in Sport, with the professional support of Sported’s skilled volunteers. This holistic approach improves the knowledge base of the grassroots sports and voluntary sector by disseminating the latest research and insight. But most importantly, gives community groups the guidance and support they need to put the insight into action through the development and launch of new programmes, tailored to the needs and nuances of their local community.


To find out more about our latest programmes and projects, please click here.

Regional support & networking

We have a passionate, expert,  on-the-ground delivery team located in all regions and nations of the UK. This local presence ensures our members can benefit from the personal support of someone who lives in and understands the local landscape and its challenges, as well as someone who is plugged into local support networks.


We know how valuable it is for our members to meet face-to-face to share their knowledge and best practice. To support this, we run regular regional meet and greets, workshops and networking events.

Funding opportunities & cost savings

We help our members maximise their chances of securing much needed funding by helping them to become ‘investment ready’. This includes developing robust business and financial plans, ensuring they have the correct policies and governance in place, and helping them to demonstrate their impact through effective measurement.


We do this through various means…short and long-term volunteer support, delivery of training workshops and webinars, and free online resources. Plus our monthly regional funding bulletins and partner offers ensure our members remain up-to-date about the latest funding and money saving opportunities.




Sported’s founder and Life Patron Sir Keith Mills chats to Jonathan Edwards about how Sported makes a difference.