Athlete Inspired Programme


What do you think it takes to become an elite athlete? What does it take to overcome obstacles and make it to the pinnacle of your sport?


We talk about values like perseverance, leadership, teamwork, loyalty, tenacity, patience and so on. Not just lessons for sport, but lessons for life.


Inspired Exchange have partnered with Sported through the “Athlete Inspire Programme” to give you the opportunity to have some of England’s top athletes come and talk to your young people about their experiences and inspire your young people!


So what is it all about? Well, athletes can come to visit you for 1-3 sessions and can take part in workshops, training sessions or inspirational talks (or a mix of all three) or any other activity that you feel would benefit your young people.


These incredible athletes are from diverse backgrounds – para-athletes, women in traditionally male sports, team athletes, solo athletes, athletes from BME backgrounds – all looking to inspire a new generation.


To be a part of this programme, all you have to do is think about how your organisation could best benefit from a visit from an athlete, and then complete this form.



*Please note that not all applications will be successful due to the volume of requests expected. Please read all the information at the bottom of the application form carefully.