How it works

Our volunteers are carefully paired with a local member in need of expert business support.

We take great care to understand our volunteer mentors’ skills, as well as their availability and location preferences, so that we can match them with the right opportunity. The scope and length of any potential work will always be discussed in advance of any volunteering.


Mentor placements

The mentor will work with that group for a period of between three and six months, typically volunteering around three hours per month of their time. The exact nature of the activity for each placement will vary according to the specific demands of project and, of course, the needs of the mentor and mentee, but it could consist of face-to-face meetings, email correspondence or telephone chats.


Light Touch

The volunteer will be informed of the Light Touch volunteering opportunity by the Volunteer Services team and be asked if they would like to lend their support.  They will then receive a project brief and contact details of the member. The maximum time commitment required from the volunteer will depend on the type of support given and will be clearly stated in the project brief. For example, a phone call to answer questions from member will require a maximum of only two hours, whereas post mentor support is limited to a  maximum of six hours.


Things to know:

Before you start volunteering with Sported you will be given a full induction by your local Sported Regional or National Manager; a host of mentoring resources will also be available to you on our website.


You will have regular contact with your local Sported Regional or Country Manager throughout the duration of mentor placements and with the Volunteer Services team during delivery of Light Touch support. On completion of your placement and Light Touch support there will be a review to assess the progress of the member.


We promise to reimburse you for any travel costs incurred as part of your volunteer role. Whilst we will always try to find a suitable placement as quick as possible, the length of time you have to wait depends on the needs of our members, something which we cannot always guarantee.


If you aren’t sure if you have the right skills or experience, or would like to speak to someone about volunteering in more detail, please contact us at or call 0203 848 4670  and we can guide you through the process.




What’s involved?

As a volunteer you’ll be working directly with our members, helping to support your local community.

Apply here!

We are always looking for passionate and motivated volunteers to join the Sported team.