How it works

We match our volunteers to a Sported member who would best benefit from their professional skills

We take time to understand our volunteers’ skills, availability and preferences in order match them to the right opportunity.


Mentor placements


These placements typically last for between three and six months and consist of face-to-face meetings, email correspondence or telephone chats. They are in-depth placements helping the organisation to embed structures and procedures for future success.


Light Touch


These placements last from one to six hours and are done remotely. They target a specific situation where the member needs support.


What to expect:


Before you start volunteering with Sported you will be given a full induction by Sported staff and you will be given access to our online platform with a wide range of resources available


You will have access to support from the Sported team during office hours


We will reimburse you for any travel costs incurred as part of your volunteer role.


While we will always try to find a suitable placement as quickly as possible,  this is dependent on receiving an appropriate request for support from a Sported member.


If you would like to speak to someone about volunteering in more detail, please contact us at or call 0203 848 4670.




What’s involved?

As a volunteer you’ll be working directly with our members, helping to support your local community

Apply here!

We are looking for passionate and motivated volunteers to join the Sported team