What’s involved?

As a volunteer you’ll be working directly with our members, helping to support your local community

You will get the chance to apply your professional skills and experience to help our members overcome their operational challenges and become better equipped for the future. In doing so, you will meet the inspirational faces of community sports, immerse yourself in their work and develop new skills in the process.


Sported members are run by an incredible group of passionate and dedicated people. These club leaders and volunteers are brilliant role models, skilled coaches and do some amazing work in their communities. Where they often lack support or simply the time, is on the organisation’s development, so things such as business planning, financial management or governance. These often get overlooked, but are fundamental for the organisation’s long-term sustainability.


It’s here where our volunteer make the difference. There are a number of different volunteer opportunities available at Sported:


1. Mentor Placements

Our volunteers are carefully matched with a Sported member club within their locality, who they then support on a one-to-one basis, typically for a period of between three to six months.


2. Light Touch Support (short-term flexible volunteering)

Our volunteers provide short-term support by helping Sported members with specific questions or challenges. The support may take the form of one-off advice or between one to three sessions, which can be delivered via your chosen communication method (e.g. face-to-face, over the phone/Skype or email). This option is perfect for those volunteers who may not have the time to commit to an extended mentor placement or may be in between projects.


Volunteers may choose to concentrate on delivering Mentor support, delivering Light Touch support or delivering a combination of the types of support.


Examples of the organisational areas where our volunteers support our members include:

The impact of this contribution should not be underestimated. As a direct result of the work of our volunteer mentors, our members have collectively gone onto secure millions of pounds of external funding and have created life enhancing opportunities for thousands of young people from some of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities.


If you want an eye-opening volunteering experience and are up for the challenge, we want you!

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We are looking for passionate and motivated volunteers to join the Sported team

How it works

We match our volunteers to a Sported member who would best benefit from their professional skills