Day 1 – 10.10.1000 Challenge!

By Carnegie Smyth, Sported Trustee and Managing Director at Signia Wealth

Early start – won’t talk about making the flight by minutes (standard me!)


Was very excited to get going.


Judith and Brenda provided a great welcome and massive thanks to Chain Reaction for the bike – great bit of kit! Cycling through Belfast was a pleasure.


Welcome to Belfast



First stop – a visit to Sported member Gleann Amateur Boxing Club.


What Paul and his team has built is incredible. They’ve produced Commonwealth champions and, most importantly,  a welcoming and inclusive club  for all young people in the local community. Heard some powerful stories from the young people there, I’ll keep them to myself, but all I can say is that club is literally a life line and saviour for them.


However….not too sure the ‘kids’ got the memo about me getting in the boxing ring.
1. Beaten up (literally) by a 15 year old girl. Ribs have felt better!


2. Getting hit by. 6″1 15 year old ‘boy’ square in the eye….black eye watch for tomorrow.
3. Round 3 was twins. They were 11 years old. I just took the beating so I could move on.  Think I landed one punch!!


Carnegie in the ring



It was followed by a tour of Belfast on bike with Sported volunteers, John and Seamus joining (massive thanks!), including John (Acting Director of Participation and Facilities at Sport NI)  giving me a history lesson on Belfast which was incredible and insightful.



Carnegie at Rathfern CompanyNext…George at the Rathfern Company of Archers. What he has achieved is amazing – clearly so passionate. Check out the little video  interview with him below, but he spoke extremely highly of the impact Sported has had on the club, getting him started and acting as a catalyst – underlines why support for small community sport groups is so important.



Final thoughts from me – we need to support the Pauls and Georges of this world…and don’t expect boxers to take it easy on you!


Off to Glasgow we go.


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