Day 2 – 10.10.1000 Challenge

By Carnegie Smyth, Trustee at Sported and Managing Director of Signia Wealth

Some of my family arrived to see me off from Glasgow. It was a little colder than expected and the wind was a joke. Not cycled in this type of weather.

Carnegie and family


My nephew asked if he could see me on TV when he left as he couldn’t see any TV cameras at the start. I didn’t want to crush his vision of his uncle competing in the ‘Olympic cross UK cycle race’ so said they are nearer the end! My sister better get on Eurosport gold or something and pick out a bloke in blue on a bike!


Club visit was Reach for the Sky Basketball in the south of Glasgow. Chatting with Ross Hutton, the Project Co-ordinator made it clear that basketball was just a hook for these young people to get them doing so much more with their life. Graham Hunter, the Managing Director was telling me a few stories about a couple of the guys there. As the club existed it has led them to actually doing something with their lives – his words. He was clear that without it they would never have got the confidence or opportunity to be doing what they do now. Pleasure to hear from some of the parents of the kids too. They said it is a highlight for them. Just to be clear we are talking about a concrete floor with two hoops at the back of an estate. ‘Wow’…. is what I say to those that have turned this into something special.


Carnegie with Reach for the Sky Basketball


The cycle continued south. No one warned me about the wind, rain, hills, uneven roads. I feel like I’m still shaking even though I’ve finished. Some of the journey made me smile (after the wind died down a little) as many of the Scottish scenery reminded me of when my mum took us up to Scotland in the summer holidays. I even stopped on a bridge across some water and laughed to myself about what my mum would be saying 25 years ago to us….!



Anyway the cycle was brutal due to the weather. Although it was completed in decent time. Very scenic and some fun climbs and descents. Wary of flying round the corners after seeing the guys crashing yesterday in Brazil (not that I’m comparing).

Day 2 finished in Moffat. Shame about the cold water for a bath. 🙂


Final thought: Amazing what someone’s vision can do with a concrete basketball court and some support.


Sorry kids your uncle is not going to be on TV!!


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