Day 3 – 10.10.1000 Challenge

By Carnegie Smyth, Trustee at Sported and Managing Director of Signia Wealth

Carnegie with Sports Driving Unlimited

After a starter and two main courses for dinner last night and a monster breakfast I was ready for Day 3. Will the Scottish weather continue….



Sun was out, but it was cold! Lucky I packed my undergarments…..oh no I didn’t….I just expected it to be sunny and warm for 10 days!! Idiot! A good motivator to pedal faster.


25km in and I stopped at Sports Driving Unlimited. This was chariot racing for the disabled. Had the pleasure of Graham and Charlotte showing me how it is done…! Both been using the club for many years. 20160808_103622Charlotte was chatting to me about what the racing means to her and the access to the club – clearly this young lady lives for these horses and chariots! Charlotte is confined to a wheelchair with cerebral palsy, however has developed stronger core muscles due to the riding over the past five years, so much so that she’s now able to walk with a frame!! Incredible that it has had this effect.


Charlotte controlling a horse from a chariot while cheering with happiness is a sight to remember. She races these things at competition, sometimes against able bodied competitors. Fair play!!


Charlotte said to me “I wouldn’t want to live without my horses” the same horses provided by the incredible club at the top of a hill in the middle of southern Scotland! Enough said!


It was a pleasure to meet Alister from Sported (I think he secretly wants to start racing chariots!) and Rosemary from the club.



The cycle was much more enjoyable than yesterday. Wind was blowing but not as bad and warmed up a little. About 60km down to the border. Passed the wedding chapels at Gretna Green, anyone? Haha!


Looped round the countryside a bit, across the border which felt like an achievement and then headed down to Carlisle.


Arrived in Carlisle to a man in his car getting rather angry and frustrated howling at me to “Get a job and buy a car” my friends can guess my sarcastic response!


Carnegie ice bathAnyway an ice bath followed. Self made of course. Eight bags of ice from Sainsbury’s next door and into the bath in my room. Highlight of my day!!


Final though for today – a horse and carriage has helped a young lady get out her wheelchair….even if for a short time has to be worth it


Maybe I should go and trade my bike in for that man’s car and drive the rest….I’ll keep the bike Sir….


Carnegie on the road


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