Volunteer advice: How to be engaging on Social Media?

By Jennifer Love, Sported volunteer

Jennifer Love, Sported volunteerQ. How to be engaging on Social Media?


A. Be very something. Because quite anything is nothing.


Have I just engaged you?


I should have, because that, in essence is all you need to know.


You must engage with your audience, not merely sell to or inform them. Go deeper than that, and express yourself, and your brand, or your club, in ways that they cannot help but respond to.


Be. Very. You.


That’s all there is to it….oh and the wry truth of Mark Twain’s observation that ‘Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.’


So, here are a few tips on how to be something (you’ll have to figure out the wrong words all by yourself!)



Be Bold.

Promise yourself that you will ALL OF THE TIME aim to inspire, enthuse and entertain your audience. You can use amazing images; you can write in a unique way, you can be memorable because of your honesty, your perspicacity, your wry sense of humour, your knowledge, or your sheer originality of thought.


Be Definite.

Define yourself, your club or your service with a slogan or strapline that neatly and brilliantly encapsulates what you are all about. This is not easy, (See Mark Twain above) but when you find that one line elevator pitch for your club or USP, that one brief but great explanation, it’s a magical feeling.


Be Mindful.

A picture still tells a thousand words. (Especially if you have only 140 characters to express yourself).


Be Sassy.

Innocent (Smoothies et al) are, imho, wizards on Social Media.


Their communications make me laugh, smile, think, sigh in agreement, empathy, or sympathy. It feels like they know me, because I so often want to respond – even if it’s just an imperceptible nod of my head. Take a look at their decidedly class act. (And at the antics of the 4th Floor Stapler) and be very inspired.


Be Convincing.

Someone commented to me recently about his devotion to Nike on Instagram. ‘Not because I need, want or can afford to buy new trainers, or sports kit every month… but because their posts make me feel empowered, capable and strong.


So. Be engaging. Be yourself. Be Something.


Just Do It.