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Will Noyes, Upshot

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In the first of two blogs this week looking at impact measurement, Will Noyes from Upshot explains why Monitoring and Evaluation is growing in importance. 


“In the sport for development world, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) has taken off in a big way in recent years. Rightly, funders and delivery organisations are paying greater attention to measuring the impact of their work.


When we talk about Monitoring and Evaluation in sport for development, and the wider third sector, we refer to it as the collection of information and data from projects and programmes, used to track results and provide accountability. This, in effect, is monitoring.


Evaluation then is analysing this data to assess the results, processes and contextual factors to inform future practice, decision making and policy. The part that often gets missed out is the Learning – with a capital L! This is where we use the information gathered through M&E to reflect on our experiences, celebrate successes and improve our objectives.


The M&E landscape is changing. Governments and public bodies are placing increasing emphasis on sport’s role to deliver against social outcomes. Funders issuing capacity building grants, for the likes of impact measurement, are becoming the norm. CSR and ‘corporate global citizenship’ programmes need to communicate impact (not just generosity!) to stakeholders, senior leadership, employees, customers and the community.


Systems, and how data is being collected are also changing. Awkward and inefficient spreadsheets have been superseded by technology that has embraced the user-friendly age. One-click reporting has become a norm and cloud-based technology for on-pitch (or on-site!) data collection is now being seen all over the world.


From experience, we know that M&E can be seen as daunting and complex. Allegedly, something that serves only as a distraction to ‘on-the-ground’ work and, frankly, only decipherable by those with a double-first in Rocket Science! That simply isn’t the case anymore.”



More about Upshot

Upshot logoUpshot is an online project management and measurement and evaluation tool, developed to support organisations delivering and funding community based projects to manage, monitor and evidence their work, and prove their impact.


Upshot will allow you to track delivery and show the impact that your projects have, while you concentrate on delivering your work! Find out more here.


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More about Views

Views is a smart, intuitive platform which makes managing data and measuring impact easy.


Views was built to help organise and analyse data in a single platform. Built with everyone from front-line staff to CEOs in mind, it’s simple enough to update session registers on the go and smart enough to generate real-time reporting at the click of a button. Read more here.


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In our second blog on impact practice,  to be published on Wednesday 27th June 2018, Dr Tim Crabbe from Substance looks at why community groups shouldn’t be afraid of M&E .