Making an impact at every level

By Judith McComb, Evidence and Learning Manager, Sported

2018 will mark a milestone year for Sported, as we celebrate our tenth anniversary – who’s for cake?


Since Sported was founded in March 2008, a great deal has been achieved. This week, we are launching our ‘Making an impact at every level’ report (download here) which celebrates some of these achievements.


We know that sport has a unique power to transform the lives of young people and communities. By supporting our incredible member groups – the unsung heroes of the Sport for Development sector – we are helping to transform the lives of thousands of disadvantaged young people, build stronger and safer communities, and save society millions of pounds.


You can find out more in the report, but the diagram to the left provides a brief snapshot of how our services and support impacts upon our members.


Diagram of Sported's Capacity Model


If you’d like to know a little more about Sported’s Capacity Model and how we measure this, check out this information.


Sported has always led the way; placing insight and evidence at the heart of everything we do. We know this is going to become even more important as sport becomes more widely recognised and understood for the social outcomes it can deliver. By supporting our member groups to prove that they are having an impact, we are giving the Sport for Development sector a voice.


As an organisation, Sported’s impact extends from our members, the grassroots community sport and youth groups (Section A), to utilising our networks, insight and experience in order to extend the reach of key partners (Section B), and influencing policy across the nations and regions of the UK (Section C).  You can find out more about our impact at this level in the report.

Sported's influence diagram


Utilising all our networks and links with partners and policy makers, we are passionate about proving what we know – that sport has a unique power to transform the lives of young people and communities. We are incredibly proud of our members and volunteers, who continue to inspire us to establish Sport for Development as a mature, trusted tool for social change.


We look forward to an exciting future as we continue our work, making an impact at every level. Oh, and birthday cake – we look forward to the cake!

Download symbol DOWNLOAD: Making an impact at every level



Sported member groups:

Need support around demonstrating and articulating your impact? We can help! Check out our range of supports and resources on the ‘Your Impact’ pages of Your Sported Network, or explore our online Impact Practice Learner Journey.


Sported volunteers:

Interested in supporting our member groups to prove their impact? We have training opportunities available for our Fit for Impact programme. Find out more here , or register your interest with