Sported Bitesize: Legal structures in Northern Ireland

Welcome to Sported Bitesize! In this series of short three-minute videos, Sported volunteer Catherine Cooney provides an easy-to-understand overview of the ‘Legal structures in Northern Ireland’ to support community groups with their governance.


Catherine works as a Solicitor at Edwards & Co. in Belfast; she specialises in charity law and has been a volunteer with Sported since May 2016.


In her job, Catherine advises a range of third sector clients, including sports clubs and Community Amateur Sport Clubs (CASCs), on good governance, due diligence, charity creation and incorporation, charitable status, the responsibilities and remit of the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, duties of charity trustees and training seminars for Boards of Trustees, Committees and Boards of Management.


Catherine loves her work, and is keen to use her expertise to raise awareness and understanding of the legal issues for Sported members.  Knowing how complex legal structures can be for sport clubs in Northern Ireland, Catherine has developed this latest series of Sported Bitesize videos.


1.Introduction to Sported Bitesize: Legal structures in Northern Ireland


2. What is your current legal status?


3. What is a charity?


4. What is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC)?


5. What are the differences between charities and CASCs?


6. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a charity or a CASC


7. Should your community group incorporate?


8. How to move forward?