Sported Hero Launch

Trackside and cold. Running alongside Olympians is one way to warm up!

We have officially launched a new skills-based professional programme called Sported Hero; which got off to great discussions down at The London Marathon Community Track with Olympians Colin Jackson and Christine Ohuruogu.




Our guest athletes not only took the conversation of skills swapping to the tracks but shared their views on how crucial the act of social responsibility is.

What started out as a cold Tuesday in East London ended with heartwarming truths from members of The Running Charity with first-hand testimonials on the power of Sport.


Alex Eagle, CEO of The Running Charity, talked about how his passion for running which started in London led him to set up a charity that has saved lives; this mission proudly supported by the Sported programmes and resources made available to members.


“From Homeless rough sleeping to Programme Coach, the Running Charity introduced me to the programme and running gave me control over my life, like setting goals and achieving”.

Steven,  The Running Charity Member 

Skills-based volunteering is a way to ensure everyone takes up an active responsibility to re-contribute some value into people within their communities, developing our society and strengthening generations.


The Sported Hero programme is designed to train, match and reward everyone involved, with support and a bespoke volunteering plan this programme matches the skills to the most suitable group.


Supporting people to bring out the best in themselves and others is something at Sported we champion and this programme will enable corporate members to share in this positive social movement.


Corporate officials attended the launch from different industries with some talking about how detached from their local communities they have become and the others fully aware of where they would like our support to enable them to start.


”We’re delighted to create such a tailor-made programme to support you in supporting others. With all the challenges that exist day to day managing clubs; Sported helps organisations to signpost through the noise”.


Nicola Walker, CEO at Sported.


At Sported, we do what we do best in helping communities to survive to help young people thrive. As our societies develop daily they all have an evolving need of support, hence why we need skill-sets that will help to build and sustain stronger communities.


We match the volunteer to the social need; we have such a variety of groups that would benefit from professional organisational skills.




Our guest athletes highlighted that we naturally focus on the end goal of successes in life, and how especially in being sportsmen and women people especially children only recognise people ‘at the top of your game’ with all the focus on the end result, or where you have got too. Little focus is given to the roots and the people who volunteered their time to build people up.



Both Colin and Christine made some valuable contributions along with our Sported Mentor Will Woan who mentioned what his experience is like.


“Volunteering was just like being on holiday; it is truly gratifying”

Will Woan, Sported Mentor






Professional skills swapping is a way to ensure everyone gains something, our communities become exposed to skills they lack or need to develop and the volunteer gets the gratification of doing something amazing, in taking up and acting upon their social responsibility.


As citizens of the worldwe have a responsibility to act, where possible and all of us are by default programmed to be connected to our own interests but the Sported Hero launch was the start of people thinking about how they can share what they love and are equally great at and spark some good elsewhere.


Aren’t we all responsible for making our world, starting with one group at a time better than it was yesterday?


Let us help you discover your inner hero.

Join our Sported Programme.