Supporting your impact – launching our new impact practice learner journey

By Judith McComb, Membership Support and Development Officer, Sported

At Sported we know our member groups make an incredible positive impact on young people in their community. But how can you ‘prove’ this impact, and continue to improve your services?


It’s easy to think of impact measurement as a distraction but developing your impact practice is about understanding the change you are trying to achieve. When you know ‘what works’ in bringing about that change and can plan for this, then you’ll be most likely to fulfil your potential, deliver on your mission and have a greater impact on young lives in your local community.


We have been developing our services to better help you demonstrate and articulate the difference you make, and are excited to launch our new *FREE* Online Impact Practice Learner Journey!


Our new Online Impact Practice Learner Journey is now live!
At Sported, we see improving your Impact Practice as a journey that we’ve broken into four sections: from discovering what impact your group is seeking to achieve, right through to embedding impact throughout your group, putting ‘impact in action’.







Developed using Inspiring Impact’s resources, our NEW Online Impact Practice Learner Journey is designed to help you at each stage along the process as you get #FitforImpact. The Learner Journey is packed full of interactive content, downloadable resources, templates, videos and explanations to help you develop your understanding of Impact Practice.


You can access the Online Impact Practice Learner Journey under the ‘Your Impact’ tab in Your Sported Network or follow this link to our website.



Top Tip: ensure you have the support of your committee
Like any developmental work, as your progress through the Learner Journey you may find you need to make some changes to the services you provide or how you work. Our members have told us that developing Impact Practice works a lot better when your committee or key stakeholders understand and support these changes. It will be important to ensure you have the support of your committee & leaders by clearly communicating why you are making these changes, or how you are developing your Impact Practice.


Check out the resources under the Engage section of the Learner Journey for more information, or watch and share this short video about the benefits of developing your Impact Practice.




I’m interested… What’s next?


• Check out the information, videos and resources on the Impact Practice Learner Journey


• Sign up for our webinar: An Introduction to Impact Practice on Tuesday 4th October 2016, 2:00 – 3:00pm. Developed in conjunction with New Philanthropy Capital, this introductory webinar is intended to give you an introduction to impact practice (how to plan, measure, assess and learn from your impact). Click here to register to attend.


• Request Light Touch support around Impact Practice from our team of expert volunteers. There’s more information available here.


Remember, focusing on your Impact Practice is essentially all about getting back to why you exist – if you fully understand the change you are trying to achieve, and you know what works in bringing about that change, then you’ll be most likely to fulfil your potential, and deliver on your mission with increased success.

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