The final day! – 10.10.1000 Challenge

By Carnegie Smyth, Trustee at Sported and Managing Director of Signia Wealth

Carnegie crosses finish lineThe home stretch….


So I had been thinking about this for about 900km, nine days, since the start. In fact, I had been thinking about this day for about ten weeks. I had not slept well the night before, mainly because I was glued to the TV watching the GB team smash their competition to pieces. Seriously proud of what the guys are achieving over in Rio. I was watching Murray and then had to watch the main man himself Mr Bolt (yes I know he is Jamaican before I get some sarcastic comments)! What a machine. I particularly enjoyed his smile going over the line in the semi-final.


Anyway the morning started the same – you know the routine. I decided to start earlier than expected as was excited to get into the London. I was also feeling strong and ready to enjoy the final day. I had Duffers in tow again – he was moaning about anything and everything – from butt to legs which I couldn’t stop laughing at him for. I said to him don’t worry it goes numb after a while!


Guard of Honour from the FRE FlyersWe started the ride from Oxford to London. 113km. Sun’s out and I enjoyed every minute of this ride. Was reflecting on my ten days and lots of things were whizzing through my head while I was powering my way to London. What had I learnt? What would I take away from the challenge? Will I continue riding? Am I going to follow my own advice (see Day 9)? What will I do next? What challenge shall I do next summer? How can I thank everyone who has supported me? I was clearly having a reflective moment – well couple of hours.


I arrived in London in great time and stopped of at my office to say hello to the guys there. Felt rather lucky that I have such great colleagues. My Mum and Dad were there waiting – both flown in to congratulate me on my arrival. A lovely moment for me personally. Don’t care how old you get – your Mum and Dad saying well done always means the world. I picked up Sir Keith’s London 2012 Olympic Torch and did part of the torch relay to the Olympic Park in Stratford – stopping at a few of the sites on the way – Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square. I then realised why Duffers had actually joined me – he just wanted a picture with the torch riding through London to put on his Facebook profile! Kidding – thanks for joining me mate!


Carnegie and the FRE FlyersI arrived at the Olympic Park to a welcome from Sported, some colleges and the FRE Flyers. The big screen had my fresh face (Day 0) up in lights. I was thinking that I could get used to the attention. A lovely welcome by a great charity. Also a lovely message from Chris Boardman all the way from Rio too!


“Congratulations on your epic journey. I’m very passionate about the power of sport to help young people and bring communities together, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures when I return from describing Team GB’s triumphs in Rio”.

Chris Boardman



I joined the FRE Flyers for a knock around on the hockey pitch. I won’t claim this was a game – they showed me a few shots and I scored a goal (into an open goal). I was finished. A few words were said and I passed out my thanks to all those that had helped put the challenge on, helped me round and gave me an unforgettable experience. The last two big shout outs go to the amazing people I met on the way from those behind the clubs, volunteers and the kids and my biggest thanks goes to those that put their hand in their pocket and helped me raise a phenomenal amount of money – thank you all.


So I hope you all enjoyed my little adventure, I certainly did. You may be wondering whether I found the answers to my questions above… this space!


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