Why I volunteer with Sported

To celebrate Volunteers’ Week 2019 we asked some of our volunteers to tell us why they lend their time and expertise to Sported’s cause and what they enjoy most about helping community sport and youth groups. Here’s what they had to say…

Why did you become a Sported volunteer?

Alan Balmer, North East Sported volunteer says:

“When I was a young person (see I do have a memory) life was so different than it is today. Jobs were plentiful and there was an order to things. As the years have passed, life for a lot of young people has become more difficult to get established in a job or in life generally.


Having started life in a mining village in Yorkshire and working my way up to very senior posts in different manufacturing companies I have gathered a number of skills and a lot of experience. I decided some years ago that I wanted to give something back to society and decided on Sported, where I now meet some amazing young people who are looking for a start in life and/or want to change their life for the better.”


What do you love most about volunteering with Sported?

Sara Newson, North East Sported volunteer says:
“I love meeting a range of organisations all trying to make the world a better place through sport. It’s really interesting, inspiring and uplifting.”


Maureen Botham, East Midlands Sported volunteer says:

“It’s been great to witness the wholehearted commitment of the club leaders to their members and to raising the profile of their sport.

The bond of trust between coaches and young members is incredibly powerful and so important in this time of fractured families.”


What would you say to people thinking about volunteering for Sported?

David Sharman, East Midlands Sported volunteer says:

“If you’re thinking of volunteering for some charity work – whether you’re into sporting activities or not – then I would suggest you contact Sported and you’ll be amazed at what a difference you’ll make. I’ve been with Sported for six years now and the experience has really opened my eyes to the vast number and range of small sporting clubs up and down the country. All run by dedicated sports enthusiasts – all encouraging young people into sport with a purpose – not just playing the sport but being fully involved with the community, and whatever concerns that community might have for young people.


Many of these clubs are run by individuals who just need a bit of guidance whether it be in finance, governance, marketing or a number of other vital elements essential to a club’s overall performance. With a focus on the sport and community activities some clubs need a little guidance with some of these more administrative tasks. That’s where the Sported volunteer comes in – I’ve had a number of local placements some lasting a number of months together with a whole host of ‘Light Touch’ assignments which involved just a few phone calls and e-mails over a few weeks.


The benefit of working with Sported is that you can take on as much or as little as your commitments allow –you’ll get an insight into a variety of sporting activities – I’ve been involved in clubs as varied as wheelchair football to fun gymnastics for toddlers.


Volunteers’ Week is a great time to get involved with Sported!”