Comic Relief Sport and Communities UK

Comic Relief Sport and Communities UK – Phase 2


We’re looking for proposals which use sport as a catalyst for change, helping communities to take ownership and feel empowered.


About the initiative

Sport continues to play an important role in improving the lives of millions of people across the world. It brings people together to play, learn, improve health and benefit from shared experiences. It is also a powerful tool for helping bring about social change.


Our Sport for Change strategy will run across our UK and International funding, while focusing on our four key themes.


Within this initiative, we are seeking proposals which use sport as a catalyst for change, helping people do two key things:

·         take ownership – feel part of increasingly inclusive and cohesive communities

·         feel empowered – to identify and solve the social issues affecting their communities

We’ll want groups to think about what is not working in their community so together we can develop a solution that uses sport to turn things around. Typical problems might be anti-social behaviour, older people feeling isolated or a lack of community cohesion.


We’ll be looking for projects that offer the following:

·         ideas that are generated within the community

·         involve the community throughout

·         a partnership that’s really working

·         address a specific problem or social need

·         use sport and physical activity as an agent to make the change – not just increase participation


The work can target any age group, as long as there is a clear issue that needs addressing. It does not have to focus on young people.



Proposals are welcome for grants between £40,000 and £75,000 for up to two years of activity taking place in one of the areas noted below. NB that the maximum turnover of applicants is £1.5million.


You should also check our grant making policies which explain our eligibility criteria for all organisations applying to Comic Relief for funding. In relation to costs the grant may cover, we will consider funding part of the refurbishment of facilities, if this work is core to the project activities and does not exceed 25% of total budget. Where refurbishment is taking place, we will need a clear plan for how the facility will be maintained once grant funding is finished.


The application window will be April to May 2017, with information going onto our website in late March/early April 2017.


Locations that we can fund:

•             England – Kingston Upon Hull, Birmingham, Nottingham, Plymouth, Great Yarmouth

•             Scotland – Glasgow, North Lanarkshire

•             Northern Ireland – Derry

•             Wales – Blaenau Gwent and Denbighshire