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Ellie Blackstock


Ellie joined Sported in February 2021 but before joining Sported Ellie studied Sorts Studies at the University of Stirling, where she established that sport for development programmes were vital in grassroot sports and within communities. Ellie completed a research project on Sport for Development programmes, studying their evidence and evaluation processes, where it was discovered that community groups needed more support in the important work they do for their communities. This inspired Ellie to begin using her knowledge and passion to help change young people’s lives for the better through sport.

After graduating in 2020, Ellie decided, four years at university wasn’t quite enough, and decided to pursue a masters in Sport Management. This allowed her to define her passions and pursue a role in Sport for development and CICs after spending time working with Animalia Apparel in Govanhill in Glasgow, showing her how important the work done by community groups is.

In her spare time, you’ll find Ellie out on a hockey pitch, in all four seasons hoping that the rain will eventually stop