Essex County Council ‘Local Services Fund’

Unique Essex funding available now!


Essex County Council currently have a ‘Local Services Fund’ open for applications. This fund is highly unusual because it is open for salary costs, so this is a great opportunity for Sported members to tap into funding that many funders will not cover. Some key points to note about this fund:


-You can request up to £10K to be paid up front and used within 12 months, or £15K spread over three years.

-The fund will cover salaries for a variety of roles for charitable and constituted organisations.

-You need to show how this will be for a ‘new service’. For example, you could currently be running activities via a volunteer team. But, ideally, you would love to pay someone to coordinate these activities. The ‘new’ service would be the role created to run this and that person would be paid a salary, even if your activities stay the same.

-You will need to seek approval from the Essex County Councillor who represents the area where your activities will take place.

-You will need to find some match funding. This is quite flexible and could be a relatively low amount, but shows commitment and sustainability of the role.


NB – it is only open to those who will be providing activities in the Essex County Council area, so Southend and Thurrock are not eligible.


Rob Danson has met the team administering the fund and they want to see more community groups (eg charities and clubs) applying, and they welcome sports activities (even if the examples on their literature isn’t sport focused). So this is a real opportunity to apply for funding for areas that are not usually covered by grants and other funds.


If you would like support applying for this fund, please do get in touch with us at Sported, either via our Light Touch application form or by emailing Rob on


The deadline for a pre-application checklist to be submitted is 3rd April 2018.


Go to for more information on the fund itself and good luck to all those that apply!