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Left Behind



The Sutton Trust, a charity which provides educational opportunities for deprived children, has released a fascinating research brief: Missing Talent. This short paper explores how highly able primary school pupils – particularly boys – from disadvantaged backgrounds fail to continue this performance on into their GCSEs, falling by the wayside in secondary school even when they have been ranked in the highest 10% of results at state primary schools in England.


Read the brief here

Posted 18th June 2015



Advice from the experts


Fellow impact bods New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) have been coming up with fantastic guides and tools you can use to improve your impact practice for years.  They’ve just come up with a nice roundup of 7 of their greatest hits which is a brilliant place to start if you’re looking to get better at measuring and evaluating your impact.


Add to your toolkit here

Posted 14th May 2015



Know your impact



We’ve been beavering away creating some videos to help you get to grips with evidence and impact – our Impact Bitesize videos. These are full of insights and advice for organisations wanting to get better at measuring and evidencing the difference you’re making, whether you’re brand new to the process or you’ve been doing it for a while.


Have a look here

Posted 30th April 2015


CASE for sport 



Through its Culture and Sport Evidence Programme (CASE), the government has already produced lots of really useful information to help demonstrate the power of sport to change lives. Recently they added to this evidence base in a brilliant way with its Review of the Social Impacts of Culture and Sport. This wide-ranging report is the result of a huge amount of work and provides some really fascinating insights into how sport can help transform lives.


Take a look here

Posted 29th April 2015



“Social glue” – Minister sets out his vision for Community Sport



Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Sajid Javid set out his vision for the future of UK sport at the Centre for Social Justice recently and had some very interesting things to say about community sport and the value of sport in general. He noted the unique ability of sport to help bring communities together, improve health and wellbeing, and provide emotional support and positive role models for young people.


Read what Sajid Javid had to say here

Posted 29th April 2015



How active is England?


Sport England has made the results of the latest Active People Survey – and it makes for some fascinating reading, with some increases an overall picture of decline in participation – especially among more deprived groups. Data geeks can get their hands on loads of facts and stats on the state of sport participation in England with all the results available to analyse here.

Posted 25th March 2015

Get inspired! 



A consortium of charities have launched Measuring Up! and the Inspiring Impact Hub.  Measuring Up! is a brilliant and straightforward new tool to help you identify ways of measuring your impact better, and the Impact Hub has loads of tools to help put your findings into practice.


Take a look

Posted 2nd December 2014




Need a hand?

join in logo


Our friends at Join In have been hard at work finding new ways to value the impact of volunteers in sport, and have just released a very exciting report – Hidden diamonds: Uncovering the true value of sport volunteers. It’s a really interesting read, looking at things that aren’t normally measured to come up with some astonishing facts figures about the value of your volunteering work.


Give it a read!

Posted 2nd December 2014




Sport and society




The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) have come up with a timely look at Quantifying the Social Impacts of Culture and Sport. This is not only a fantastic resource if you’re looking for evidence on the effects of participating in sport; it’s also an indication of how seriously the government is taking the impact of sport on society.


Find out more

Posted 2nd December 2014