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Discover what Impact Practice is all about, and how it can help your group.

1. What is impact? What is Impact Practice?



What is impact? Impact is the difference you make. It is the broad and/or long-term effects of your activities, outputs and outcomes, after taking into consideration an estimate of what would have likely have happened anyway.


What is Impact Practice? Impact Practice is much broader than just impact measurement. Impact Practice is the range of activities that an organisation does to focus on its impact. It is all the things you do to put impact into practice. How does this fit with other terms you may have come across – such as outcomes, outputs or activities?


Check out the glossary here for more information.


Why is it important? It’s easy to think of impact measurement as a distraction – something funders demand of you for their own purposes rather than something that can benefit you directly; something that takes up time staring at spreadsheets that could be spent on a pitch or in the ring. But done right, Impact Practice can invaluable: it can help you demonstrate the value of your work, and work better… as well as attract money.


What does it ‘look like’?



There are four main areas of activity that make up Impact Practice; PLAN, DO, ASSESS and REVIEWYou can read more about these here. We’ll explain more about each of these as you progress through the Learner Journey and share some of the support available for different levels of understanding. This is in more detail around the Cycle in ENGAGE.




2. ‘What’s the point?’



Good Impact Practice can help you ‘prove’ your impact. It’s a way of being accountable to your beneficiaries, funders, volunteers, staff and other stakeholders, of demonstrating the value of your work.


Good Impact Practice can help improve your services. Knowing how well you’re doing – and where you can do better – lets you ensure you’re doing the best you can for the young people you work with. You might even find you’re doing better than you thought, or that your work is having a positive impact on something you never even thought about.


Impact Practice is essentially all about getting back to why you exist – if you fully understand the change you are trying to achieve, and you know what works in bringing about that change, then you’ll be most likely to fulfill your potential, and deliver on your mission with increased success.


• READ how it’s helped other Sported members: case studies download



3. Where do I start?


Impact Practice can seem a little daunting, but breaking down the different actions associated with the Cycle can really help. Sported have designed this Learner Journey, packed full of information and resources to help you to embed this cycle within your group.


Here are some immediate things you can do to get started:


WATCH ‘Introduction to Good Impact Practice’ Sported webinar: keep an eye on upcoming webinars here

CHAT to Sported on 07775 335498 or ask a question on our Forum

Before you click through to ENGAGE, take our short quiz (it’s only 3 questions!) to think about what your current Impact Practice is like.


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