In sport, we trust

We’re delighted to share with you the findings our ‘In sport, we trust’ research, a ground-breaking study looking at the impact of community sport groups on young people, community development and social cohesion.

At Sported we have long advocated the power of sport – and in particular grassroots groups – to transform young lives and build stronger, safer communities.  Our ‘In sport, we trust’ research provides compelling evidence of how deep sport’s influence extends and how the values it instills underpins the key individual and social outcomes it delivers, whether it’s improved education and employability, mental health, social integration or reduced crime and anti-social behaviour.

The key findings:

• A trust deficit is dividing the UK: young people from lower socio-economic groups are 23% less likely to trust their neighbours compared to those from higher socio-economic groups.


• However, sport clubs can help bridge this trust deficit.


Young people who are members of a local sports club have:

– Greater trust in other people

– A stronger sense of belonging to their community

– More close friends

– Greater levels of life satisfaction, happiness and health

– Greater desire to give back to their community through volunteering.


• Importantly, those from disadvantaged backgrounds have the most to gain. When young people are part of a local sports club, those from low socio-economic groups report a ten-time higher increase in trust and a three-time higher increase in life satisfaction compared to those from higher socio-economic groups.

Download Sported’s ‘In sport, we trust’ research below:


Download symbol Sported ‘In sport we trust’ (2019) – Summary


Download symbol Sported ‘In sport we trust’ (2019) – Full technical report


Download symbol Sported ‘In sport we trust’ (2019) – Literature Review Beckett



Download supporting case studies:

Download symbol Case study – Abraham Moss (England)


Download symbol Case study – Dundee Dragon (Scotland)


Download symbol Case study – Iwth Pen (Wales)


Download symbol Case study – Train 2B Smart (Northern Ireland)