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Juliet Bertie


Juliet not only has passion to see fairness in the field of race relations, but a drive to deliver meaningful change.

She has gained a wide range of knowledge and expertise in over 36 years in the Civil Service. The pinnacle of her career so far was being awarded the Department for Education Leadership Teams Special Recognition Award for her services leading a project on Race, as well as awards for the Race Advocate Programme she created and developed.

Juliet co-owns a Table Tennis club, is a Trustee for Notts County Foundation and uses her power of influence to offer diverse views and opinions as a member of Table Tennis England’s Members Advisory Group (MAG).

Promoting gender and Race through an intersectional lens, she advocates as a Women and Girls Ambassador for Table Tennis England.

Bringing all these important factors together Juliet is committed to lead for definitive action to make improvement that will be impactful.