Launch of Sported's strategy

Reach. Include. Empower 2021-25

By Sported |  19th May 2021

Sported is delighted to launch its new and exciting strategy Reach. Include. Empower 2021 – 25. Acknowledging that real change takes time, we are reflecting the shift of the organisation to work towards longer term goals and for the first time, work to a four-year strategy.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been felt by everyone across the UK, but not in equal measure. We want every young person to have the same opportunity to fulfil their potential, which sadly they don’t at the moment. Our new strategy endeavours to take on board the insight we have gathered from the group leaders in our network. They have highlighted how their focuses have shifted and what support they will need. We have listened and have used this invaluable insight to shape the direction and priorities in our own strategy.

As an organisation, we will be focusing where we can make the biggest difference: improving mental and physical health, tackling inequalities and empowering communities to take collective action.

And we know the best way to do this is through our amazing network of 2,500 groups across the UK. We will help them to recover and rebuild from Covid-19, support and develop their group leaders, engage and grow our network, listen to and represent our groups, and build local connections. As a result of the unprecedented year we’ve had, our purpose:

‘Helping community groups survive, to help young people thrive’ has never been so pertinent.

At the heart of our work will remain our long-standing commitment to support the passionate, dedicated local people who are running vital community sports groups across the UK. They are building the resilience of these groups, so that they can survive and thrive.

“Our new strategy recognises the need to work to a longer term plan, in order to bring about real change – change in sport and through sport. Sported uses insight from across its network of community groups to inform and guide the direction it takes. This insight has been incredibly valuable in supporting groups to ride out the wave of the last turbulent year. Our new, longer term strategy will see us rebuild and recover from Covid-19, supporting our groups and growing our network, with a focus on improving mental and physical health, tackling inequalities and connecting community sports groups.”

-Nicola Walker, CEO of Sported

The Sported team is proud to introduce Sported's 2021-25 strategy: Reach. Include. Empower

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