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Many of the groups in our network share similar characteristics; being under-funded and under-resourced, and often feeling that they miss out on the opportunities and support available to larger groups.

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are led entirely by volunteers


have an annual income
of less than £10k


are located in the 30% most deprived areas of the UK


22% are confident they’ll still exist in 5 years’ time

We are here to help them to address these challenges through the provision of services and projects that build the skills and confidence of the group leaders and strengthen their organisation for the future.


• We work with grassroots groups often not supported by other agencies and our groups are based in communities across all of the UK • Our groups work with young people who are typically “hard to reach”. Our Sport England supported project increases physical activity for inactive young people living in lower socio-economic areas.


• We work with expert partners to collaborate on projects to help create equity
• Our groups work with young people in under-represented groups. Our Project 51 focused on supporting community groups to attract more young females to close the gender gap.


• We provide services and projects to build skills and confidence in local group leaders. • Our groups provide opportunities that empower young people. Our partnership with Nike offers a package of tailored support, mentoring and personal development opportunities for young BAME leaders, to help develop and launch their own Sport for Change project.

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Please email or call 0207 389 1905.

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