Emma Heel

Head of Evidence and Learning

Emma is passionate about proving the power of sport as a vehicle for social change.


Before joining Sported, Emma spent 3 years at a sports agency specialising in high profile grassroots sports events, campaigns, programmes and consultancy.  Emma’s focus was on encouraging Londoners to overcome barriers to participation, and administered the FreeSport grant programme on behalf of the Greater London Authority.  Emma joined Sported in the Member Services team but has since moved into her position as Evidence, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager.  With a degree in Sport Science, and experience working as a Research Physiologist, Emma is used to gathering evidence and reporting the findings.


Emma understands how vital it is for organisations to be able to prove the value of their work and to be constantly reviewing activities to improve their impact.  She appreciates the barriers to measurement within the voluntary sector, and is passionate about helping Sported’s members to strengthen their impact practice, as well as demonstrating the value of the work we do at Sported.


Outside of work, Emma’s main passion is dancing but has more recently found herself competing in triathlons.  She is a keen snowboarder and scuba diver, and enjoys indulging in these hobbies when on holiday.


Contact Emma on E.Heel@sported.org.uk