Building capacity

Introducing Sported’s Capacity Model

54% of people are concerned that their community sports club would struggle to stay running over the long term without support from external organisations.1


At Sported we believe in enabling groups to be the best that they can be. The majority of community sport groups in the UK are under-funded and under-resourced, often run on shoestring budgets by only a handful of dedicated staff and volunteers, but their ability to engage and enhance the lives of the young people in their communities is unrivalled.



What is capacity building?

We define capacity building as enabling individuals and organisations to obtain the knowledge, skills and resources to run their organisation more effectively.



Why is capacity building important?

As part of the Sported membership we aim to increase knowledge, skills and access to resources in areas core to a member’s capacity.


To find out more about the Sported Capacity Model, please click HERE.



Our support helps community groups to:


identify knowledge and expertise gaps within the organisation


think long-term in terms of access to facilities, equipment and marketing


get the appropriate organisational structures and planning documents in place, and demonstrate their impact


improve financial management, reduce risk and improve fundraising success


be more inclusive of different participants and improve partnerships with relevant organisations.



As well improving these core and tangible areas support is often about increasing confidence and being a sounded board. By providing this support, we can enable groups to deliver their services more efficiently and effectively. Group leaders can dedicate more of their time to programme delivery and activities which positively impacts young people’s lives.


1TSB Research conducted by One Poll (Jan 2018)