News: 06.08.15

Young people from sporteducate and ‘I Have a Dream’ unite to develop leadership skills

Last week young people from sporteducate clubs and Deutsche Bank’s I Have a Dream internship programme (IHAD)  were brought together to develop their leadership skills, make new connections and inspire each other to be the best they can be. The IHAD internship programme offers a small number of top-performing, state school-educated pupils from black and minority ethnic backgrounds the opportunity to experience first-hand life in an investment bank, including by taking part in the Bank’s corporate volunteering programme.


Eleven young people from sporteducate clubs Track Academy, London Thunder, Rap Aid FC and SkyWay, joined six high achieving 18 and 19 year olds from Deutsche Bank’s IHAD scheme on the Sports Leaders UK’s ‘Go Lead’ leadership development award. Being only a few years older and sharing similar backgrounds to the young people on sporteducate, but on the verge of university, meant the IHAD interns were perfectly placed to offer their advice on career development and demonstrate what can be achieved through aiming high, hard work and self-belief.


The event kicked off with the IHAD interns each giving a short and inspirational presentation about their lives and what they’ve discovered about demonstrating leadership. Crucially, they were able to offer advice as to the things they felt had helped them to secure a place on Deutsche Bank’s internship programme and how they felt those things would support their career goals. Each intern concluded by offering one piece of advice to the sporteducate young people about what they feel has or would have benefitted them, at a similar stage of life to the sporteducate young people on the programme. The presentations were hugely inspirational and in some cases, very moving.


DB young peopleAs well as being of similar ages and backgrounds, what united all involved was their mutual love of sport! After the presentations, the main focus of the day became the Go Lead award delivered by Sports Leaders UK. This fun-filled and interactive session saw the group enjoy a day’s training on developing their leadership skills for use in their day-to-day work/college lives, as well as learning how to lead basic physical activity sessions. The training covered the key elements of successful leadership, including communication, organisation, working with others, improvising and inclusion. During the course of the day, the competitive young people honed their networking skills as they made new friends. They also unleashed their creativity by inventing new games which they had to explain and coach to the wider group. ‘WimbleBag’ proved overwhelmingly popular and Sported expect it to one day go global!


A massive thanks to all those involved for making it such a fun and enjoyable day,  including to sporteducate club Gospel Oak Action Link for hosting the event.