News: 18.02.15

Kinetic Foundation enjoy inspirational day at Deutsche Bank

young boys seated around boardroom table listening to presentation


On Wednesday 18th February, Croydon based football club, Kinetic Foundation, which is part of Deutsche Bank and Sported’s sporteducate programme, visited Deutsche Bank’s offices in the City to get a unique insight into the role of leadership, on and off the pitch.


Seventeen young people, aged 15 and 16 years old, enjoyed an inspiring day of presentations and trading floor tours as part of a half-term football and leadership training camp.


Deutsche Bank employee volunteers play an integral role in the sporteducate programme, which combines education and employability skills development in addition to sporting activities, to give young people the best possible chance of future success. This session was no different: over lunch, the team from Kinetic got the chance to pick the brains of five recently graduated junior analysts about their roles at the bank and their respective career paths.


This was followed by the highly anticipated tour of the trading floor where the team was individually paired up with a trader to learn, in real time, about what goes into buying and selling shares. The boys then got to participate in an interactive workshop on leadership delivered by Deputy Head of EMEA Equity Research, Jonathan Jayarajan and his colleague Abhishek Singhania, European Rates Strategist.


As a fitting end to the day, Kinetic were paid a special visit from Colin Grassie, CEO Deutsche Bank UK. Colin shared his insights on the qualities it takes to succeed in business and life.


Speaking after the event Jack Sims, 16, commented: “It was a real eye-opener going to visit Deutsche Bank. To actually go into a big office, chat to some of the staff about their jobs and have a tour of the trading floor was really interesting. It’s crazy to think that if a trader switches off for just a couple of minutes, it can have massive consequences for their clients – it makes you appreciate what a high-pressure job it really is!”


Jonathan Jayarajan, Deputy Head of European Equity Research, who helped to organise the day, said: “We were delighted to host a large group of young people, under Deutsche Bank’s Born to Be programme, at our offices. They brought real energy and enthusiasm with them, and we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to answer their questions and offer them insights into how the discipline they gain from playing sports can help them learn key skills in life that can give them a big advantage in their future careers. Our aim from such visits is to help young people understand that they have control over their own futures, and with focus, integrity and hard-work anything is possible.”


To read more about Deutsche Bank’s commitment to helping young people through their Born to Be programme please click here.