Crown and Manor Club

Run by club manager Frank Shillingford, Crown and Manor Club in Hoxton is one of the 33 clubs on Sporteducate. It is open to young people aged between 7 and 25 years old and has been providing a safe haven for boys and young men for over 100 years.

Around 250 young people come through the club’s doors each week, with many of those enjoying long-term relationships with the club. Beyond Crown and Manor’s excellent facilities, what keeps these young people coming back week-in, week-out?

Crown and Manor is based in the heart of the community and offers young people from the local areas a safe and accessible club environment which to come and enjoy a wide range of sporting activities - from football and boxing to table tennis and volleyball. More importantly though, it’s the long-standing relationships the young people develop with the club’s managers and volunteers, and the consistency of support that they offer, that makes the club such an important and influential part of their young lives.

    The club’s managers, Rob and Frank, share similar backgrounds to the young people they serve; this natural association means they have an innate understanding of the challenges they face in their everyday lives. The fact that they have fostered such a trusted and welcoming environment means that young people can often find the solace, guidance and support at the club that they may be lacking in their home or school lives.

    In addition, Crown and Manor encourages longer-term engagement with its members by directly supporting their personal development through non-sporting activities. The club runs weekly supplementary education lessons in Maths, French, Spanish and ICT from Key Stage 2 to 4, which are compulsory to all that attend. Likewise, it offers the young people at the club opportunities to gain official qualifications in coaching.

Natasha, mother of Crown and Manor member, Jacob (15)

“Jacob has been coming to Crown and Manor since he was seven. We live in South London, so we don’t live anywhere near the club, but all the travelling has been worth it. The staff are really good role models and the club itself gives the boys great opportunities. Jacob plays a lot of football, but it’s the academic lessons the club offers that are really good because he can come here and he’s got the tutors to help him. The number one thing is that he still enjoys coming here and that’s paramount. He loves it here.”

Billy (19), junior volunteer at Crown and Manor

“I’ve been coming to Crown and Manor for 11 years. Frank and Rob are really strong role models. All the kids here know they can talk to them if they have any problems. They were always there for me. If I had problems at home or at school, Rob and Frank could tell when I wasn’t at my best. They would ask if everything was okay, and sit me down and talk. I knew it wouldn’t go past them unless it had to. They have created a club that you can come to and not feel the pressures of being in an institution where you can’t do this or can’t do that.”

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