Capacity Measurement Tool

Needs Assessment

We appreciate running a community group is not an easy task. Leaders of our member groups juggle an ever-changing array of operational tasks and responsibilities, alongside delivering their core services and activities.


To aid the sustainability of our groups, we’ve developed the Sported Capacity Measurement Tool. Through extended research and years of experience we’ve identified the things we think groups need to have in place to make sure they are here for the long-term.


Our Capacity Measurement Tool includes Game Plan and Time Out, our in-depth, pre and post self-assessment surveys. These surveys evaluate an organisastion’s overall health across the five core areas, and link to in-depth guidance of what we mean in each area.


We provide detailed guidance notes to support groups with completing their Game Plan and Time Out surveys.




Examples from the guidance notes:




By looking at the overall picture, we help group leaders identify their strengths, areas for improvement and where they could benefit from Sported support. We provide members with a personalised ‘score card’ for their group:



What our members have said:


“A good way to help us reflect internally – quite eye opening.”


“A great place to start for us developing a business plan.  Initiated some discussions around how we operate and where we want to go as a club.”


“Can’t wait!!!! Help us!!!”


“Fantastic process to go through.”


“Beneficial – allowed to press pause and think about how the club operates and zoom in on areas to support how we want to move forward.”


“Great , indepth analysis of key areas.  Give us strengths and weaknesses of club. Great as we don’t do it enough.”




Our members’ strengths and challenges

By aggregating Sported members’ Game Plan surveys we can see community groups strengths lie in:


Responding to local need

Having necessary compliance

Accessing basic IT

• Being inclusive of diverse participants

Having skilled staff and volunteers

Having a strong connection to young people




Typically, members struggle and need support in the following areas:


• Finances(fundraising, managing reserves & generating income)

Effective marketing

Developing partnerships

Demonstrating their impact



This insight ensures we really understand our members and tailor our services to ensure we’re giving them the support they need most.2


2Data based on 119  Sported members starting long term support between March 2019 – October 2019