Measuring our impact

The Sported Capacity Model helps us to determine where community groups most need support and where we’re having the greatest impact. It is invaluable for our members and volunteers when planning future developments for their clubs and groups.

Sported Capacity Model - Core



How we measure our impact


The Sported Capacity Model is underpinned by our  ‘Game Plan’ and ‘Time Out’ assessment surveys. These are completed by ours members before and after long-term Sported mentor support,  programmes or projects.


From the surveys, a capacity score is calculated for each area of the Capacity Model. Comparisons of the two surveys – before and after – give each group an individual ‘Distance Travelled’ result, demonstrating the impact of Sported’s support and identifying further areas for future development.



Example Sported member ‘Distance travelled’ scorecard



Wider outcomes


By aggregating Game Plan and Time Out results, Sported can clearly identify the areas which are important to small organisations, understand the overall sustainability of community sports groups in the UK, and show a clear link between our work and the development of these groups. This enables us to put forward the case for targeted capacity support for clubs and groups in the Sport for Development sector.