Ardmore Cricket Club

Deepening the club's understanding of the key principles of engaging women and girls.

Ardmore Cricket Club was part of Sported’s Engage-Her pilot project in 2016. The club joined to improve how it engaged with it female members and to support the development of its women’s teams.

To review and build upon its original engagement plans, Ardmore Cricket Club received further support as part of the Engage-Her project to deepen its understanding of the key principles of engaging women and girls.


Ardmore Cricket Club was founded in 1879. With established club structures and long-standing personnel, implementing change and challenging its Committee to think differently was always going to take time.

To gain wider ‘buy-in’ at the club and leverage more support for the implementation of its engagement plans, the ‘Deepening’ strand of Engage-Her saw a further four club Committee members benefit from the training and insight.

The training gave them a greater understanding on the challenges and needs of engaging women and girls in the club’s activities, and encouraged wider support from across the Committee.

“We really valued that a Sported staff member came down and delivered the training to other members of our Committee to gets them more engaged. It gave us firmer actions to take work forward.” said David Bradley at Ardmore Cricket Club.

The support of a Sported volunteer mentor also gave the club an external point-of-view to help re-focus and objectively evaluate their progress to date, identifying what worked and what didn’t. As David  explains, “It re-enforced what we want to do and how we are going to do it”.