Football for Hope, Peace and Unity

Using football to heal the wounds of war

Football for Hope, Peace and Unity (FHPU) was founded in 2010 by Eric Eugene Murangwa, a former Rwandan professional footballer and survivor of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

The club uses football as a means of bringing together young people from Rwandan community in London and promoting community reconciliation and in Rwanda as well. Through weekly ‘training and engagement’ sessions the club uses the power of football to encourage team work, develop conflict resolution skills and fight prejudice, intolerance and hatred in their own communities.

Before Eric and FHPU started working with Sported, the group hadn’t secured any major funding other than a £500 grant from the local council and a £400 grant from the refugee council.

We have developed a lot in the past 12 months since we started working with Sported. With the support of our mentor, Suzanna, we have been able to develop a business plan. This gave us a clear understanding about what our organisation was meant to be. When you apply for funding you have to be very clear on the objectives and outcomes; the work we did with Suzanna and Hamid on the business plan gave us much more detailed knowledge and understanding on how to deal with these things. This has helped enormously on applications we made afterwards and we have managed to secure funding as a result. All in all, it has been very useful working with Sported.


Having never previously run a community organisation before setting up FHPU, Eric spent a lot of his time seeking advice about how best to grow the club, but often struggled to find the appropriate level of advice. Being able to call upon the expertise and knowledge of an experienced business professional in the form of Sported mentor, Suzanna Hopwood, was enormously helpful in both the club’s development and personally for Eric.

Over a six month period Suzanna worked closely with Eric and his team to develop a sustainable business plan for the club and formalise the club’s organisational structure and governance.