Laurelvale Cricket Club

Developing female participation at all levels

Laurelvale Cricket Club (LVCC) currently has four senior teams and a well-established youth structure who currently field under-15s, under-13s and under-11s sides.

Whilst the club has a long history of boys and men’s participation, women and girls participation has been limited. The club joined Engage Her to help to readdress that balance by developing female participation at all levels and roles within the club: players, coaches, umpires, officials, volunteers, spectators and its Committee.


The Engage Her project has allowed LVCC to refocus, build on their previous success and has given the club renewed vigour in the development of its women and girls teams.

The club developed a Engage Her engagement plan which identified four key goals to increase the involvement of women and girls:

1. Promote cricket and Laurelvale Cricket Club as a fun and inclusive sport club for women and girls.
2. Increase participation of all sections of the community in the club for fun, health and wellbeing, play, volunteering and spectating.
3. Grow competitive participation of women and girls in cricket by developing a highly trained and successful team of players / coaches.
4. Act as a social hub for the wider community.


To achieve its aim and goals the club is consulting with its members, supporters and the wider community. The club is also relooking at its programming to offer a wider range of engagement activities.