Northern Cricket Union

Attracting more women and girls into the sport of cricket

Cricket has long been a largely male dominated sport. However recent years has seen huge steps forward in growing the women’s game.

The Northern Cricket Union (NCU) is the governing body for league and cup cricket for both senior and junior cricketers for the NCU Region. In order to critically review how the organisation operates and to support its continued focus of attracting more women and girls into the sport, NCU joined Sported’s Engage-Her project.


The insight and support offered by Engage-Her enabled the NCU Board and staff to develop greater awareness and understanding of good practice. Specifically, the project’s insight on how to re-design and re-position cricket to align more with women and girls’ values, challenged NCU to identify ways in which their programmes and activities could be more welcoming and engaging.

Importantly, it reinforced the strategic and commercial imperative of making the sport more accessible to female players and administrators alike. The project also highlighted a specific need for more regular consultations with women and girls to ensure their work appeals and has relevance.


As part of NCU’s engagement plan - developed with the support of Sported - the learning from Engage-Her will be first shared amongst staff and volunteers, with a focus on those who are working directly with clubs to develop their club accreditation.

The governing body will further disseminate the learning by hosting their own workshops to clubs delivering women and girls teams and programmes, with the longer term aim of rolling out support to all affiliated clubs across Northern Ireland.

“The learning taken from the Engage-Her project will enable us to focus our strategy much more directly towards women and girls, and help to grow female participation across our sport from playing, officiating, administrating and leading.” Angela Platt, General Manager, Northern Cricket Union