Randalstown Ladies Hockey Club

Understanding why girls drop out & how to encourage them back

Randalstown Ladies wanted to get involved in Engage Her 2018/2019 because the club was interested in looking at new ways of encouraging more women and girls to get involved in hockey at all ages. The group particularly wanted to understand why girls dropped out of the sport at particular stages and to find ways to encourage them back in.


Taking part in Engage Her helped Randalstown look at different ways it could use its social media channels to broaden its appeal to a wider audience beyond that of its existing members, new ideas about kit, and looking at ways to reach and encourage girls not currently playing hockey.

The club found having the support of a Sported volunteer particularly valuable. The volunteer guided the group through their conversations and also provided a useful external perspective and critical friend. The project gave the group the focus to consider some changes and the impetus to implement actions they had been considering for some time.


Randalstown have identified key actions to move forward with their engagement plan, with a focus on communication. They intend to use their learning about ‘Influencers’ to help with their social media and communications.

The club valued the opportunity to share ideas for development with different sports and clubs, and believe the process has been beneficial for the long-term development of the club.