Swansea Falcons

Improving health and well-being through cheerleading

Swansea Falcons is an amateur cheerleading club based in Merthyr Tydfil. It was established in 2017 with the focus to attract young people, especially females into sport. It uses cheerleading to engage with young people in order to reduce obesity levels and increase their health and well-being. They promote volunteering within the organisation and offer young people the opportunity to become coaches.

Swansea Falcons’ founder, Caleala Clifford, was completely new to running an organisation and needed assistance to develop a constitution and relevant policies, in order that the organisation was meeting all its legal requirements and was eligible to apply for funding.

Swansea Falcons was matched with Sported volunteer mentor Nicki Arthur to assist in developing the governance for the organisation.

Nicki, Sported volunteer, said: “Caleala worked tirelessly to put the constitution together, everything has been covered and included to ensure members safety, well-being and development have been thought about. The foundations have been laid to add creditability to a very professional club that will last well into the future and provide reassurance to parents that this is a well-managed and organised group."

Reflecting on her volunteering experience with Sported, she added: “This was my first placement so it was all new to me, Caleala and I however got on straight away and I have very much enjoyed working with her and enjoyed the learning experience this has given me. It is very humbling when you see people give so much of their time and energy for the benefits of young people to help them develop and learn while getting fit”.

The club now has in excess of 40 young people attending the sessions and has expanded to have beginner and intermediate groups. The more confident participants have also begun competing in regional competitions.