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See how organisations have benefited from shared measurement!


There is an increasing demand on organisations to measure and demonstrate their impact, but we understand the constraints and barriers of doing so.


Sportworks offered a tool for all types and size of organisation, whilst still generating information of sufficient quality to influence investment decisions. The learning and case studies below will support the development of a new, improved shared measurement for Sport for Development groups.

Brighton City Table Tennis Club


BCTTC demonstrated their twice-weekly table tennis sessions with 9 to 21 year olds saved society £2.6 million over a 4 month period.


Their Sportworks results helped them to secure £5,000 from Police Crime Commissioner’s Safer Sussex Community Fund.


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Brentford FC Community Trust


Brentford FC used Sportworks data in support of their planning application to Hounslow Council for a new community stadium and secured £71 million investment.


It also helped them win the Football League Community Club of the Year.



Britwell Youth and Community Project


Britwell has used the tool for the past year to measure their multisport activities.


They noticed that evening sessions produce much better results than afternoon ones, and therefore have used to the tool to help structure activities to generate greater impact.


London Basketball Association (LBA)

London Basketball Association used Sportworks to demonstrate a £25 million cost saving to society in its Annual Report 2015/16.


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London Playing Fields Foundation

London Playing Fields Foundation (LPFF) used Sportworks in its recent report the ‘Fields of Dreams’ to  highlight how playing fields make a major contribution to cost savings to local and central government.


Evaluating the impact of Douglas Eyre Sports Centre in Walthamstow, north east London,  LPFF calculated it delivered an annual minimum cost saving to the public purse of £4,805,928.


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Newport Positive Futures


Newport Positive Futures utilised the tool to secure £100,000 from the Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner.


They used Sportworks to measure the impact of their sports and activity based social inclusion programme for 10-19 year olds.



The Running Charity


The Running Charity use Sportworks to record the impact of their activities with homeless young people in London.


Between September 2012 and October 2013 the tool generated projected cost savings of £4.4million which they used to help secure £50,000 from London Marathon charity.


Tottenham Hotspur Foundation

Tottenham Hotspur use Sportworks to measure the impact and cost savings of its charitable Foundation.


Data from Sportworks was used in its Social Audit and Impact Report – the first report of its kind to be commissioned by a Premier League football club.


The report found that the Foundation’s projects delivered a minimum social cost saving in the year to July 31, 2015, of £20,532,071.


Daniel Levy, Chairman, said: “The Club is delighted that the work we do through our Foundation can now be valued and assessed for the real difference it makes to our local communities. All too often, ‘good works’ happen and are taken for granted, without any sense or evaluation of their value and outcome.”


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The research

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