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Skills-based volunteering for companies.

Developing employee skills and maximising CSR days.


Most companies offer volunteering days to their employees, but few arm them with the skills needed to maximise these. 

At Sported, we understand how beneficial (and hard to access) professional skills can be to our members, but how little regarded they can be by those who have them. We want to give employees the confidence to really make a difference to their communities through a corporate package which enables companies to:

Train – give employees the confidence and additional techniques needed to share existing skills.

Match – find organisations in need of these skills based on location, interest or sport.

Reward – shout about the great corporate volunteering being done and identify those who have made the greatest impact.

Our programme, Sported Hero, aims to make the lives of HR Directors easier by providing an off the shelf package promoting skills-based volunteering. And we can adapt this for different sized organisations or those wanting to engage in different ways.


Sported provides professional services to sport and youth groups delivering social change.



As a skills-based volunteer, you’ll be working directly with our members, helping to support your local community. 


The benefits of joining the programme:


  • Employees benefit from our ‘Step-up to Volunteering’ upskilling & development programme.

  • Face-to-face and online training sessions Access to resources, webinars and newsletters.

  • Volunteer placements with up to 10 Sported community groups for skill-based volunteering.

  • Groups are chosen on the basis of location, sport or social outcome.

  • Face to face and remote opportunities to suit employee needs.

  • A programme of marketing activity to enable you to recognise employees’ achievements.

  • Content for your own communication channels.

  • Inclusion in Sported’s marketing/ PR/ Website.

  • Entry into Sported’s annual volunteer event.

The impact of voluntary contribution should not be underestimated.

As a direct result of the work of our skilled volunteer mentors, our members have collectively gone onto secure millions of pounds of external funding.

They have created life-enhancing opportunities for thousands of young people from some of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities.


We can help you discover your inner hero, become a Sported Hero.


Train. Match. Reward.

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Professional volunteering - helping community groups survive to help young people to thrive.

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