Sported is proud to partner with TSB to bring the expertise and enthusiasm of its staff to our members.

TSB believes that banks should exist to help local people to thrive. It’s all about people helping people, and building stronger and more cohesive communities across Britain. Through the partnership TSB branches will be paired with local Sported member groups to provide professional skills-based support in the key operational areas, such as budgeting, marketing, social media or PR.

Together we believe this partnership can create a step-change in the way local groups are run – and ultimately ensure that the young people who could benefit most from Sport for Development programmes can continue to access their vital support.

The partnership will kick off in four pilot regions: North East Scotland, South Midlands, Thames Valley & South Coast, and Greater Manchester.

If you are a Sported member and would like to register your interest in being part of the programme, please email membership@sported.org.uk.