Sported Country Managers respond to UK Government Sports Strategy

We recently reported on the launch of the new Government Sports Strategy – Sporting Future: A New Strategy for An Active Nation. You can read what Sported Chief Exec, Chris Grant had to say here.


But it doesn’t just affect our members in England. We got some feedback from our Country managers:


Scotland Manager, Campbell Roy:

There has been strong interest north of the border in the outcome of the DCMS consultation and the issuing of the new Sports Strategy, particularly amongst the Sport for Change network group. The change of emphasis towards a more diversified approach and a longer term investment model which addresses the wider social issues that sport can impact upon is exactly what we are looking to persuade both Active Scotland and sportscotland to embrace.


The new strategy in England will undoubtedly strengthen our case and help us move in the right direction. We will have to ensure that Sported plays a role in developing this culture in Scotland and is in a good place to take advantage of any opportunities that arise out of the process.


Northern Ireland Manager, Brenda Kelly:


There has been interest from the Northern Ireland Sport for Development sector in the recent DCMS Sporting Future-A New Strategy for an Active Nation.


It is very encouraging to note that the focus of this new strategy echoes some of the same priorities of the recent Sport NI strategy for Northern Ireland, Everybody Active 2020.


Both strategies highlight the incredible impact of sport on social and community development with one of the key target groups identified in the Northern Ireland strategy as people living in areas of socio-economic need.    The need for partnership working and a blended approach in order to encourage engagement with sport and physical activity within communities is identified in both strategies.  It is a very positive to see similar approaches being adopted across the UK and hugely important that Sport for Development is being recognised for its powerful impact.


Wales Manager, Richard Thomas:


The new Government Sport Strategy reinforces and adds momentum to the strides taken here in Wales in addressing the inequalities in sports participation – particularly in relations to young people in marginalised groups and those in deprived communities.


Our representation of members across Wales and the UK is influencing sports strategy and investment in the Wales and UK sports sector is making a difference in addressing the inequalities that young people face. We’ve proven that sport works as a tool to change young lives.


The new sports strategy is a important step in the right direction in recognising the wider social outcomes that participation in sport can deliver.