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By Sported |  26th January 2021

The network of sports community groups supported by Sported help young people to build confidence, gain skills and get their lives on track.

The Sported network of 2,600 community sports groups, is the largest in the UK, representing nearly 100 different sports, from parkour to paddle-boarding, boxing to baseball and kabaddi to kayaking. They operate in every geographical location and tackle the most serious social issues affecting communities. The trusted environment they create enables a deep, long-lasting impact on young people.

The groups supporting these young people are often hidden gems; treasured locally, but unknown and out of reach to the many funders and supporters who could help them. Too small, too informal, unstructured and, often without a voice, the majority survive on less than £10k per year. They are sustained by the blood, sweat and tears of an inspiring band of local heroes. People with first-hand experience of the issues and the benefits sport can bring. They voluntarily commit hours on end, combining passion, skill, and drive to establish and lead their group.


The sacrifices made by these local heroes to establish and run these groups is immense. However, in challenging times and with limited resources, all too often funding cannot be secured, and the group is forced to close. Sported exists to help these local heroes. We identify their needs, provide them with the organizational knowledge, technical skills, and personal support to create a sustainable future.

Why do these local heroes start their community sports groups? The real answer is for many reasons but mostly it is to fill a gap and to support those young people who might not otherwise be able to fulfil their potential. For example, Lucy, Project Manager at Gympanzees, a group that offers fully-inclusive, easily accessible leisure facilities for disabled young people, explains:

“Every young disabled person deserves the chance to take part in recreational activities. Far too many end up missing out on vital experiences and their parents feeling isolated at home, simply because many places are not geared-up to cater for all of their needs. I’m proud that the work we’re doing is having such a positive effect on disabled children and their families. Being involved with Gympanzees has been absolutely life-changing. It fills my heart to see the difference I’m making to children’s lives.”

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