Become a Corporate Partner

Sported can provide a partnership with a range of support, engagement, mutual benefits and an outstanding positive impact for our members, partners and the sector.

Association with a national sport-based charity to enhance credibility,  leverage profile and positioning with a range of support and engagement opportunities that also drive value.


Content generation, digital channel sharing and media opportunities with great stories of local heroes to tell, plus the positive social impact the support has given.


Over 2,500 members, with participation and activation opportunities  at events.


Increased exposure and accessibility in local communities, delivery of grass roots engagement legacy programme for events.


Volunteering opportunities (short-term or long-term) with access to our local and community sports network.


Fundraising events and ideas with support for bespoke or general activities and events including  sport-themed engagement and fundraising opportunities , Charity Champion staff programmes.


Sported Events and other senior level insight and networking opportunities. 


Activity days at member clubs with team building activities and outcomes


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